Agenturfirman Ulf Tobiasson was established in 1971 and has as its primary focus to market automotive products and accessories in the Nordic market. Our success over the years due
in large part on a consistent focus, good marketing and a keen interest in development and
product refinement with our partners.

We always work closely with our customers, suppliers and the companies we represent.
It allows us to meet all needs in terms of quality, price and delivery.
We also stock some products as it is sometimes necessary to maintain high service levels.

Please contact us if you are looking for a specific product for your business or if you are a manufacturer and would like help with marketing in the Nordic countries.

Agenturfirman Ulf Tobiasson AB, Bystaden 4, SE-432 96 ÅSKLOSTER
Telephone:+46 (0)705-294060 -

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